5 Reasons For Developers to Build on Ethereum

Introduction: What is Ethereum?

Ethereum, a decentralized global computing platform, has emerged as the blockchain of choice for developers.

With its smart contract technology, developers can create their own decentralized apps (dapps). As the world's second-largest blockchain, Ethereum hosts thousands of dapps and NFT projects.

5 Reasons Why Developers Choose Ethereum

The Largest Ecosystem

Ethereum boasts the most valuable smart contract-enabled blockchain with Ether (ETH) as the second-largest cryptocurrency. Its active developer community has created open-source tools and development frameworks, eliminating the need for developers to start from scratch.

Maturity and Reliability

Maturity and Reliability: Since 2015, Ethereum has been successfully tested across various use cases. Thousands of businesses have implemented Ethereum, resulting in over 50 million deployed smart contracts. The network's stability over the years attracts developers who trust in its reliability.

Continuous Improvement

Ethereum's roadmap includes constant upgrades to enhance network performance and scalability. These updates enable Ethereum to adapt to increasing demands, such as computing throughput and transaction speed.

Recent advancements include the Ethereum "Merge," transitioning from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake consensus. The roadmap also addresses future challenges like quantum resistance.

Easy Development with Solidity

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) supports Solidity, a beginner-friendly and well-documented language, allowing developers to quickly learn and develop applications. There is also a plethora of libraries available from OpenZeppelin to get started easily.

Robust Development Tools

Ethereum provides a range of development tools for dapp deployment. Frameworks like Foundry and Basement's SDK simplify Ethereum-based dapp development. These tools streamline the development process, making it easy to start a local Ethereum instance, compile, and test applications.

Getting Started on Ethereum

To begin building on Ethereum with Basement, you can download the Basement SDK for onchain data access. No slow and expensive RPC nodes required!

Install the Basement SDK

$ yarn add @basementdev/sdk

And get started in just a few lines of code, to unlock access to the millions of users on Ethereum and the wider web3 ecosystem.

import { BasementSDK } from "@basementdev/sdk";

const sdk = new BasementSDK();

const data = await sdk.address({
  address: "vitalik.eth",
  include: { profile: true, tokens: true },

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